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This is a super early Prototype of my first 3D game, it's just 3 levels and that's all, it's just for receiving feedback. So yeah, it's buggy as hell, anyway, i hope you like it! i guess...

My twitter: https://twitter.com/reyespaz2005 (Spanish Only)


Briefcase Thief v0.3.2.zip 22 MB


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I'll give it a shot. Thanks for uploading your wor

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The controls are good. Gameplay is difficult as bullets are coming from all walls. Can't clear level 2 also. Picking of orange box needs improvement. The instruction are clear that I like also adding initially that level for player to understand is cool.

Level are designed in a good way. Here is my gameplay :) Good Luck keep making Games. I will play your other games too.

Yeah, i know the game is not very good. anyway, thanks for the review!

Yep Actually if bullets don't pass through walls then it might work.