A downloadable game for Windows

There's an invasion in our base! How much can you survive?

This is a horde survival game from killing some mutant animals. Very petatestic! you can choose 3 differect characters with different weapons!

The Axolotl character is a reference to my friends Axolotl Bros, they are making awesome games and they helped me so much in my projects, i learned so much thanks to them. please check them out: https://twitter.com/AxolotlBros

I hope you like the game!



WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Left Click - Shoot

F4 - Fullscreen

F1 or T - Restart the game


If you like what i do, please consider supporting me on paypal!


Here's my twitter also: https://twitter.com/reyespaz200


Doomies 1.0.zip 6 MB


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I loved the game ... 

frenetic and very funny ... 

very good work ...

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Fast paced and hard-core. Just the way I like it :D. 

I honestly feel that the screenshake should be removed or atleast just happen only when you hit an enemy. It made the game a little too jittery.

Not bad either way :)