The html5 version of this game may have some issues, please download the game if possible!

Mrs. Hop! Hop! is a short, beautiful platformer where the only goal is just to get the carrots! To do that, you'll have to switch between two different day times, during the day you're a cute small rabbit, and during the night you're cute bunny ma'am! Not only you change form, but also the level changes a little bit! 🥕🥕🥕

The game was made for the #NoticeMe game jam in just 2 weeks! Enjoy


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Really liked the concept, the art, the level design. If only the jam was longer so we could have more levels. :)


Loving this game! Ive created tons of speedrun optimizations for GX games. Unfort still not WR but Im getting there!


Thanks dude! I'm happy you enjoy it :)


i beat your speedrun world record on the opera leaderboard


Congrats dude lmao.

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did you find the 2 bunny skips

Yeah, i did later.

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the fastest time i managed to get withough any skips is 146.2 seconds lma

really good ! like the way the controls change during the game

Thanks mate! I'm glad you like it :)

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